About Us


Peninsula Beverage Collective

Greetings friends of Peninsula BevCo! 

We at the PBC stand for local entrepreneurship, big ideas, & community values. We all hail from Kitsap, our wonderful home, and we are investing in the idea that as a community we can dream big and ignite Port Orchard. We want people to feel the hometown pride you get with coming together, working hard, and building a cornerstone business for our community to cherish. After being open for three months at our prior location, we received what we call the "golden" eviction letter. We knew we had to act fast if we were to survive. After securing some stressful negotiations we secured a prime waterfront location just down the street from our old location. Since May we have been hard at work making moves to open phase one of our relocation, the bottle shop. As of September 21st 2019 we opened the doors to Phase one. Phase one includes our smaller side, which will include a bottle shop & 16 draft beverages! We will continue to work on opening the larger side, with more taps & a full scale restaurant in tow! We cant wait to serve you! 


BevCo Passion

Our passion is driven by the desire to create something great for our community, to give them something to enjoy and take pride in, to connect people, to innovate and excite people, to make the world a better place. Even though we are small, we know we have a large impact. Coming into our store is like visiting a longtime friend. We care about each of our customers and their wellbeing, not just the money they spend with us. By slightly over staffing we ensure that staff members are happy to be there, and happy to have meaningful engagement with customers. Through a democratic style of business, we ensure that our business benefits the community at large!


Bottle Shop?


Our amazing new home right off Bay St. in Beautiful Port Orchard is 3,500 square ft. The makings for a magnificent Taproom, bottle-shop & restaurant. The Beverage Collective is not just a store, its not just another business, were a wave of positivity and goodness in the world, and that’s something worth investing in.